1:1 digital B2B sector-based meeting sessions between Italian companies and international operators

InBuyer is an initiative created by Promos Italia in collaboration with Italian Chambers of Commerce, aimed at supporting small and medium-sized companies in their internationalization efforts

Through a calendar of online business matching sessions, we facilitate connections with new potential foreign counterparts, offering an opportunity to enter key international markets.

These initiatives are hosted on the BMATCH platform, where registered users can showcase their company and products.

It's important to note that our service doesn't involve selecting partners for each individual company. Instead, after gathering registrations for each event, the InBuyer Team searches for buyers within identified product clusters who may be interested in initiating introductory meetings.

While we cannot guarantee a match for every company, participants have the opportunity to determine if their proposed products resonate with potential buyers and, if mutual interest is established, to engage in 30-minute video calls. Additionally, the BMATCH platform allows participants to utilize the integrated chat function to deepen their understanding of counterparts, request virtual appointments, or exchange business cards.

InBuyer encompasses a wide range of industries. Click here to verify if your business field is included and register for the next available session.


Why participate

  • The initiative takes place online. No travel, no business trips are needed, as you can connect from the comfort of your PC
  • Great opportunity to meet selected buyers from target markets for your industry
  • Free participation. The service is offered to Italian companies by the participating Chambers of Commerce
  • Dedicated assistance before, during and after each event

How to access the service 

  • Sign up for the event of your interest. Click here to see all the scheduled events and register.
  • After a quick check of the minimum access requirements, you will be enabled to the service and can create your virtual showcase to showcase your offer.
  • During the event days you can search for and contact foreign counterparts, conduct online meetings and exchange business cards.

The Help Desk  will offer you assistance before, during and after the event.

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