Quick recap of all the most frequenty asked questions

1. Which Italian companies are admitted to participate?

Italian companies are admitted to participate according to the event product categories and to the areas (Italian provinces) that have joined the project. Please refer to each event page for categories/provinces admitted.

 The company profiles are visible on the platform from about 7 days before the start of the event.

2. Which kind of foreign companies can attend InBuyer?

Companies working in the selected sectors coming from the target countries and interested in searching new Italian suppliers. They must have a website (better in English). Each company is subjeced to evaluation by the InBuyer team. The buyer profile are usually visible a few days before the event starts.

3. When is the registration deadline?

The registration closes 7 days before the start of the event.

4. Can I use the same credentials for other InBuyer events?

The personal credentials you created during your first access to the new BMATCH platform allow you to quickly sign up to all the events of the platform. Please note that only the first registered person for a company will be the "owner" of the company profile and is authorized to modify it. If another registered colleague must be enabled as 'company profile owner' please contact the Help Desk or e-mail us at incomingbuyer@promositalia.camcom.it

5. If I participate in several events, have I to fill in the company profile and the company products again?

No, the company profile is automatically linked to your personal profile. You have to fill in the company profile and company products only once. However, it will always be possible to update the information.

6. How does the matching between buyers and Italian companies work?

The matching process is autonomously managed by users (buyer and seller). The registered and confirmed users through the B2B matching section in the event page and from their personal profiles (section My Events) can view and analyse the counterparts' profiles, get in touch with them via chat, send or receive appointment requests and arrange/join virtual meetings.

7. How many Italian companies and foreign counterparts are selected for each event?

Each InBuyer digital event offers business opportunities with a group of at least 25 selected seller and a minimum of 4 foreign buyers.

8. Is InBuyer a taylor-made service?

InBuyer is not a taylor-made service: it offers business opportunities to companies participating basing the selection of Italian counterparts/international operators on the event chosen products categories. The outcome of meeting requests cannot be guaranteed.

9. How long does each event last?

Each event lasts 2 or 3 days, during which you can schedule meetings with slots of 30 minutes each from 9:00am to 6:30pm italian time (once correctly set your time zone when registering or from your personal profile, you will see the appointments according to your time zone).

10. Is it possible to reschedule a meeting?

Scheduled meetings may be cancelled. The user can then ask for another meeting in another time slot.

11. How do the meetings take place?

Meetings take place virtually inside the platform, through an integrated video call system.

12. Which instruments do I need to attend virtual meetings?

You simply need to access the platform via PC or mobile phone, from any location. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection when joining your meetings. We furthermore advice to use a webcam and a set of headphones & mic to avoid echo.

13. How many people can access the virtual room?

Up to 5 people (in total) can access the virtual room. You can invite other parties to join the call, sending them a realtime invitation, directly from the video call tool. Please refer to page 26 of the User Manual.

14. Is the interpreting service provided?

No, it is not available. Meetings are held in English.

15. Where can I find the counterpart personal contact details?

They are not published due to privacy reasons. Each participant can share their contact details during meetings or via chat.

16. Who can I contact for assistance during InBuyer events?

For direct assistance before and during event days you can:


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