Instructions & User Manual

Here you will find all the essential information to make full use of the B2B matching platform for Meet & Match project

New to BMATCH Platform and feel lost?

Don't worry, just follow these simple instructions.

1) Register

Register on the Project Meet&Match by creating  a personal profile (only for the first time!). Please be aware: those will be your login credentials – don’t forget them!

If you have already an account for this platform you can use it!

Download the User Manual in the download area here on the right column for more detailed info.

If you need assistance our Help Desk is at your disposal!


2) Fill in and publish your company profile and company product sheets

Create a clear and complete profile. You can also enrich your company profile by including product sheets to highlight some top products.

3) Private Room activation

After registering to Meet & Match event, our Team will create a Private Room for each Italian company participating in the project. You will receive an e-mail notification when ready.

For Sellers: Italian companies will insert their availability to receive meeting requests in the agenda section. Each meeting request must be reconfirmed by the Italian company in the platform.

For Buyers: international operator will be able to send request meetings according to the availability slots given by Italian companies. Each meeting request must be reconfirmed by the Italian company in the platform.

Both Sellers and Buyers can view scheduled appointments from the Profile/Agenda section. They are also able to add confirmed appointments to your Outlook/Google calendar as well (note: if the appointment is cancelled, the calendar on platform will automatically update but you'll have to manually delete it from your private calendar).


4) B2B period: beginning September - beginning November

Access individual video calls from the platform from the Profile | Agenda section in the top left blue banner (in this section you will find the list of scheduled meetings) from the confirmed appointment box by clicking on the camera icon. You can also access starting from the Google Calendar/Outlook appointment if you have saved it.

Remember to authorize the camera, microphone, and be on time.

5) Rate the appointment

You will see a rating pop-up window appear at the end of the meeting. Don't forget to rate each videocall you make. At the end of the session you will receive an end-of-event questionnaire, which we kindly ask you to fill out. It will help us improve the service.

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